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 Your safety in learning to drive is our mission.


I am Sidney Jones, and I had truly understood the challenges related to learning to drive. My passion for teaching has motivated me to provide this service to the community for 38 years.

We have developed our driving school with all modern and fully developed driving training methods. Our experts have introduced one to one system in driving training and our art driving techniques have helped to become one of the most successful driving school in Houston. Our driving instructors share a common aim of providing the highest standards of driving training, to us our learners are the first priority. We give utmost importance to ensure that our learners can drive safely after completing their lessons from Lone Star Driving School, Houston.

Whatever your background is, you always need an expert to teach you how to drive

You will need an expert driving instructor who will understand you and your problem very well and that’s why at Lone Star Driving School, we have adopted one on one system. Our instructors are both experts and experienced. They hold patience while dealing with learners. They try to build confidence in learners so that they can drive safely without getting confused. Driving is potentially a risky thing and so you must find a school that cares about your safety as well. If you are looking for a professional driving training school, then your search ends here at Lone Star Driving School, Houston.

  • Improving automobile driving on the road network of Houston
  • Creating an environment that leads to excellence in learning to drive
  • Offering good driving learning education with a safe approach
  • Offering each learner a personalized experience
  • We aim at becoming one of the best driving school in Houston

Professional instructions

At Lone Star Driving School, we use different types of teaching resources to ensure that good driving skills are drilled...

Flexible Timings

Road Test driving times are flexible and based on availability and driving a schedule.

Excellent monitoring system

Quality is the utmost priority when you are at Lone Star Driving School Houston. Here, we always try to maintain...

Various packages

We provide a wide array of packages for accommodating everyone. Whatever your package is, you can always avail our affordable...