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Do I need to take a car for learning driving lessons?

Nope, you don’t need to take your car for learning driving lessons. At Lone Star Driving School, Houston, we provide training vehicles.

Can anyone take driving lessons?

Yes, anyone can take driving lessons, either to learn or to better their driving skills. However, the student must have a valid Learner’s Permit.

Do you provide additional driving lessons?

Yes, we provide additional driving lessons based on student’s requirements. Here, at Lone Star Driving School, we make sure that students are ready to drive and are not just here for passing the driving test. We use a unique grading system to know student’s requirements and weaknesses throughout every phase of the lesson. Our instructors recommend additional driving lessons based on student’s needs.

What is the maximum time period for completing my course?

The maximum time period is six months.

Can I learn driving both on manual and automatic cars?

No, automatic cars only.

How can I get a verified driving license within 7 days?

For getting a verified driving license, you need to pass the driving test skillfully. Along with this, you need to complete other official formalities.